10 Pieces that You Should Have in Your Closet
10 Pieces that You Should Have in Your Closet

There exists a base in every domain. For example, in mathematics, the base is given by numbers, addition, subtraction, geometric figures, and their properties. In fashion, the base consists of wardrobe fail-safes, essentials or basics, you name them. This base is your best friend and you can use it whenever you don't know what to wear. Stay with me to discover 10 pieces you should have in your closet:

1. A midi skirt

Pleated, straight, colorful or printed, midi skirts can be found in a variety of designs to suit all tastes. Versatile and very feminine, they are reliable friends to have in your closet. For example, I chose to wear this peach-colored midi skirt with a feminine blouse and my favorite shoes at the moment.

2. A blazer

trending purple

Let's be honest! It's the era of corporations, more and more people have an office job and, implicitly, they adopt an office outfit. And a blazer, as a stand-alone piece, can be found in this scenario. A blazer is not only an essential piece, it's THAT PIECE that doesn't go out of style too easily.

3. Jeans

This shouldn't come as a surprise. In the last 40 years, jeans have become an indispensable piece of anyone’s closet. For a modern outfit, I recommend straight-cut jeans with a high waist or mom jeans. These two types of jeans will take your outfit to the next level.

10 Pieces that You Should Have in Your Closet

4. A mini bag

Most women are guilty of constantly carrying a large bag full of everything. And when I say everything, I’m not exaggerating. From sweets, diaries, and keys, to lipsticks, wet wipes and a pack of gum, a large bag can hold anything. The opposite is a smaller, chic bag that calibrates this mess. And that is perfect for going out in the city!

5. Strappy sandals

I admit, I cheated a little bit in this category, because strappy sandals can be found in two sections: as elegant shoes for a special event or as casual sandals for the hot summer days. Regardless of the category, strappy sandals are modern, elegant and they go out with anything. Or almost anything.

6. A classic trench coat

I know it’s summer, but I couldn’t help but bring into attention this essential piece that offers an elevated look in less than 5 minutes. A trench coat is a timeless piece that is worth investing in and that is back in fashion every single season.

Here is an example on how to wear a classic trench.

7. White sneakers

White sneakers paired with a floral print dress? Definitely yes. White sneakers paired with jeans and a jacket? Definitely yet. White sneakers paired with a colorful summer jumpsuit? Definitely yes! In short, white sneakers are super versatile and give a casual look to even the most sophisticated outfit.

8. A fluffy sweater

A fluffy sweater is like a good friend to turn to when you need help. A fluffy sweater will make it easier to create an outfit, taking into account that only the legs are left to be dressed. With a skirt, jeans or shorts, you will quickly create a modern look without too much effort.

Outfit Details - Skirt: Poema (similar model here) | Blouse: Zara (similar one here) | Bag: Aldo | Heels: Asos

9. A white shirt

Why you should buy a white dress right now

A white shirt can be worn both as a stand-alone garment and under another garment. Classic, elegant and with a lot of good taste, a white shirt is a must-have in the closet of any person who wants to create gorgeous outfits.

10. Black pants

Like jeans, classic black pants are a must-have clothing piece in order to create the perfect wardrobe. For an accent, I'd recommend black cigarette pants (ie those pants that are straight and stop at the ankle) or high-waisted pants.

Do you have these pieces in your wardrobe?

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    I have all these, except white sneakers. I just haven't found the perfect pair yet! xo Nipa

    White sneakers can be a pain sometimes, but I think I’ll roundup some of my favorite white sneakers in a future blog post. Thank you so much for stopping by, Nipa! xo


    These are such great tips. I have all of these except a trench coat in my closet. I haven't found the perfect one yet!

    Find Your Dazzle

    Andreea Claudia

    I think you have just given me a pretty nice idea of what I should write about next. Thank you so much for stepping by, Tracy! xo


    I feel like I often read “staples” posts like these and I’m missing half of the items, but this time around I can honestly say I have every single thing in my closet right now! Yay! I love your essentials and these photos!

    Andreea Claudia

    I'm so happy to hear that, babe! I really try to adjust fashion to the everyday woman and I'm really happy that you found helpful this post. xo

    Natalia Gutiérrez ™

    A beautiful outfit! Girly and modern 🙂


    So happy to hear that you like the outfit! Thank you so much for stopping by! xo