5 Factors That I Consider When Buying Heels
5 Factors That I Consider When Buying Heels

Heels are symbolic in fashion. They're like the icing on the cake - you can live without it, but it makes the cake even more delicious. This also applies to heels - you can live without them, but life no longer has the same flavor. And since most of the time I wear heels, today I thought to share with you guys 5 factors that I consider when buying heels. Get ready, because my love for this subject is huge!

How I Fell in Love with Heels

The story begins around the age of 7, when my grandmother bought me my first Barbie magazine. It was love at first sight! It was love for the way Barbie was dressed, but also for the shoes she wore. One thing that proved my early passion for fashion was the fact that I didn’t pay too much attention to Barbie’s stories, but rather to her outfits.

I really liked that each time she was dressed in a different outfit! Then, as a teenager, my love for heels increased even more, and after the age of 16, I started wearing 4 cm / 1.5 inches heels (square heels, not stiletto heels). Oh, what a delight! And from there, the rest is history. You can see a little part of my shoe collection here.

5 Factors That I Consider When Buying Heels

Enough with the stories, let's get straight to the subject! Here are the most important 5 factors for me:

1. They Should Have a Modern Design

I don’t think there’s anything I hate more about in this world than ugly shoes. I used to take the subway to work, and while I waited on the platform, I noticed many people wearing ugly shoes. I know many of them were comfortable, but the last time I checked the dictionary, the word “comfortable” was not synonymous with the word “ugly.”

So yes, a nice modern design is the first thing I take into account when looking for a new pair of heels. The trends during this period are all about minimal-looking shoes (strappy sandals, mules), squared toe and pointed toe, the unusual shape of the heels (hourglass, curved).

2. They Need to Be Colorful

I think I have only one pair of black shoes in my closet. Let me check.

Mmm yes, I have only one pair of black shoes in my closet. About two whites and about two beiges. The rest are colorful! And here comes my personal touch - there is NOTHING wrong with shoes in neutral shades, but I love colors. And therefore, this preference is also reflected in my taste for heels.

3. They Shouldn't Be Heavy

Here's a basic rule of thumb. I know that doctors tell us not to wear heels taller than 5 cm / 2 in, but if you fell in love with a pair of stilettos with 10 cm / 4 in heels, I'd say go ahead with your choice! The only thing you really need to keep in mind is how heavy the pair is when you weigh it in your hands. The lighter the pair, the easier it will be for you to wear them for more than 2 hours.

The heavier the pair, the harder it will be for you to move, your legs will swell, you probably risk making wefts / blisters, and the list goes on.

Take into account the weight of the shoes. It's a crucial aspect!

5 Factors That I Consider When Buying Heels

4. They Should be Made of a Soft Fabric

Especially in the warm seasons (because in the fall and winter I wear socks that offer protection to my feet), I look for shoes made of a soft fabric. My feet tend to swell and they are a little wide, which means I have to pay more attention to the fabric from which the shoes are made. A soft skin indicates elasticity, which means there is enough room for both my slightly wide legs and later swelling.

5 Factors That I Consider When Buying Heels

Outfit Details - Skirt: Koton (similar one here) || Blouse: H&M (similar one here) || Sandals: Asos || Bag: Aldo

5. They Should Be Glamorous

If you've been following me for a long time, you've probably noticed my love for glamorous heels. The more they get out of the box, the more I like them! Whether they come in metallic shades, or they have intricate inserts or other decorations, they will surely come under my radar. If you are also looking to create an authentic style, here is the key: choosing glamorous but tasteful shoes.

Do you wear high heels? And if so, what do you take into account?

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