5 rochii pe care le poți purta (acasă) de Revelion
5 Last-Minute NYE Outfit Ideas (At Home)

2020 was downright… overwhelming. Exhausting. Depressing. F * cked up. And the list goes on and on. But 2020 also had its good parts and I am convinced that somehow for each of us, 2020 also had some beautiful things to give. For example, towards the end of the year, Darius and I got an apartment. Yaaaaaaay! Such a blessing! But still, let's get back to the subject! For all the beautiful moments we still lived in 2020, I consider it appropriate to celebrate in the most festive way possible. And even if most of us celebrate the transition between years at home, I think we can still do it in style. So don't sit in your pajamas! Put on a dress that represents you, listen to your favorite music, eat your favorite food, and bring it on 2021! Here they are 5 last-minute NYE outfit ideas (at home):

1 / A Baby Doll Dress

5 Last-Minute NYE Outfit Ideas (At Home)

The baby doll style started to appear in the summer, but in the fall it took full shape, and now it is a trend that has gone viral. I couldn’t be happier than that, especially since this style represents me and defines my jovial style of being. So if you happen to have a dress with volume in your closet, now is the time to wear it. Personally, I love to combine dresses in this style with platform sandals and colorful bags (we don't need them at home, but come on! Let's celebrate in style.)

5 Last-Minute NYE Outfit Ideas (At Home)

2 / A Satin Dress

5 Last-Minute NYE Outfit Ideas (At Home)

Extremely feminine and gorgeous, a satin dress, regardless of the color it has, is exactly what you need as the years go by. Fortunately, the market is very attractive in this area, so if such a dress attracts you, you can use it without any problem. In this case, I recommend wearing strappy sandals or stiletto shoes.

3 / An LBD

5 Last-Minute NYE Outfit Ideas (At Home)

The famous LBD, little black dress, the dress that has already become iconic over time, is that friend who never leaves us. She is always by our side when needed! I can say, above all, that it will not go out of style too soon. So, for a safe choice, I recommend wearing an LBD dress at New Year’s Eve party.

4 / A Lace Dress

5 Last-Minute NYE Outfit Ideas (At Home)

Here is another extremely feminine and delicious dress - the lace dress! I like that, in addition to the qualities already listed, this dress has a romantic and retro vibe, which means that is a perfect choice for New Year's Eve. But be very careful! Some lace dresses have a vulgar and outdated look, I recommend the ones tailored in a modern style: either tight on the body like the one in the picture, or in A-line.

5 / A Floral Printed Dress

How I think people will dress after the pandemic

The last recommendation, but not the last, is given by the dress with floral print. Extremely feminine and sophisticated, this dress will give you a delicate and yet distinguished presence. The market abounds in this type of dress, so if you choose to wear such a dress to New Year's Eve party, I'm sure you can find something even at the last minute.

Outfit Details

5 Last-Minute NYE Outfit Ideas (At Home)
5 Last-Minute NYE Outfit Ideas (At Home)
5 Last-Minute NYE Outfit Ideas (At Home)

Outfit Details - Dress: ASOS || Sandals: Stradivarius (similar waves here) || Bag: vintage (similar one here)

Which of these dresses do you like the most?

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    Love your outfits


    These are cool looks for NYE! You look spectacular in the babydoll dress!