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There is something really exciting in the price tag of a clothing item & #8211; an affordable place. Of course, brand matters, too. But let's be honest, the price tag is far more important to most of us. I'm one of those people who check the price tag in the shop and if it matches my budget, I definitely buy that piece. It's somewhat natural. And I also recognize that affordable clothing has been a long-time hobby of mine, you can see some examples here, here and here. So today we will go back into the backstage of affordable clothing and we will search for clothes that look and feel amazing. Discover below 5 outfits under $ 100:

An example is the best proof

I can talk quite a lot when I'm in the mood. But, in this case, I find that examples are the best. So, for today's outfit, I thing affordable pieces that make some drama. More precisely, I chose to wear floral printed shorts ($20), a gorgeous shirt with trumpet sleeves ($25), a sparkly padded headband that is a must-have of the season ($26) and a pair of shoes that looks almost identical to the one from Valentino ($25). It's a perfect look for summer that I wore during a stroll in the Little Paris that I live in (if you didn't know, Bucharest used to be called "Little Paris" not only for its beautiful architecture but also for the fact that locals used to greet each other in French).

Why I write this type of blog posts

It's not hard to guess. It's a smart choice to invest in timeless pieces like a trench that continues to be a major trend every new season or to invest in a leather bag or a fabulous pair of shoes. On the contrary, I don't find smart to buy a simple $100 blouse that could easily go out of style next season.

shirt: New Yorker (similar one here) | Shorts: New Yorker (similar one here) | Headband: Zara | Bag: Mohito | Shoes Bagossa

5 outfits under $100 & #8211; July edition

I associate July with the heatwave, ice cream, mint lemonade, tender kisses under the Moon and watermelon. Here are 5 outfits that truly match this month's theme:

Outfit no.1

One | Two | Three

Outfit no.2

One | Two | Three 

Outfit no.3

One | Two | Three

Outfit no.4

One | Two | Three

Outfit no.5

One | Two | Three


What do you think about affordable clothing?

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