shirt: Poema | Skirt: Poem (similar one here) | Bag: Lynne | Boots: Reserved

Femininity is not a hard thing to achieve. Femininity is in all of us, it is in our essence and it is present in our way to be. If you've been following me since the beginning, you've probably noticed that I play a lot with feminine pieces, considering them a key-factor of my style. And although we all have those days when we feel comfortable in our jeans and t-shirts, I present you today 5 pieces to instantly create a more feminine look:

1.Satin fabric pieces

Silky and sexy, the satin fabric certainly highlights the outline of a feminine silhouette. At the same time, it is a hot trend this season. If we were to look at the dresses and skirts made of silk satin, we could notice that most of the designers really love this fabric. In my case, I sew a satin polka dot shirt, creating in this way a fun and feminine outfit.


Ruffles are extremely feminine, they add delicacy to any shirt, blouse or even a skirt or a dress. They add volumes and shapes to an outfit and it is certainly one detail that really catches everyone's eyes.

3.Pencil skirt

Sexy, sassy and very feminine, the pencil skirt is a great piece to use if you want to create a sophisticated look. Because it is high waisted, it creates the illusion of elongated legs and thus, it is a good piece to talk about when discussing feminine clothes. For example, in today's outfit, I chose to create a total feminine look, by combining satin with the pencil skirt.

4.Lace fabric pieces

There is no surprise that this fabric is on the list, lace being one of the most feminine fabrics ever. Elegant, adored in the bridal universe, lace adds grace to any outfit.

5.Puff sleeves

Puff sleeves dresses and shirts are definitely feminine pieces. They create such a nice volume on the shoulders zone and they somewhat remind us of the empire dresses from the regency era. To achieve a modern look, I would combine a puff sleeves shirt with a pair of capri jeans and leopard print pumps.


I'm curious: what other pieces do you think have a feminine look?

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