5 tipuri de fuste pe care să le porți sezonul acesta
5 tipuri de fuste pe care să le porți sezonul acesta
5 tipuri de fuste pe care să le porți sezonul acesta

If you've been wondering what skirts to wear this fall, you've come to the right place. Skirts are a dear topic of mine - I had a special love for them since I was a little kid. I wore them whenever I had the chance! I noticed that, lately, skirts are no longer a trending topic, with most women turning to pants. But skirts continue to be the top choice for every special event! Therefore, let's get straight to the topic and discuss 5 types of skirts to wear this season:

1 / Tweed Skirt

A truly iconic skirt, inspired by Chanel, the tweed skirt has already become the kind of item that I don’t think will ever go out of style. Firstly because the fashion house always comes up with modern ideas to integrate such a skirt into a gorgeous outfit (inspired of course by fashionistas around the world). And secondly because it is particularly versatile. For example, in today's outfit, I chose to pair it with a ruffled shirt and a vest in a fantastic fuchsia pink color.

5 tipuri de fuste pe care să le porți sezonul acesta

2 / Pleated Skirt

In the spring already began a real phenomenon that made the pleated skirt the center of a trend that continues today, stronger than ever. Feminine, light, and super colorful, pleated skirts are definitely a trend worth trying. I'm also a big fan of this type of skirt - HERE and HERE are two examples of how to wear it.

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3 / Skater Skirt

Oh, yeah, and here comes a trend that is truly hot these days - more precisely, we are talking here about the skater skirt. Of course, not worn in a full tennis suit, but as part of a modern outfit. The best way to wear such a skirt? With oversized sweaters or sweatshirts. As for shoes, I recommend platform sports shoes or ankle boots with a small squared heel, somewhat sporty.

4 / Denim Skirts

As a fabric, denim is gaining more and more fans every day. Easy to wear, versatile and comfortable, denim is found in the most basic clothes in our closet: in jackets, pants, skirts, or dresses. Denim skirts continue to be in trend these days and are a big help when creating cute outfits, perfect for those Instagram posts.

5 / Pencil Skirt

Like in the case of the tweed skirts, pencil skirts continue to return every now and then. Over time, they were perceived more as an office clothing item. Recently, however, because different fabrics began to be used to make them, pencil skirts have become much more versatile, allowing the creation of pretty outfits. For example, a leather pencil skirt paired with a wool sweater sounds super good, doesn't it?

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5 tipuri de fuste pe care să le porți sezonul acesta

Outfit Details - Skirt: Zara (similar one here) || Shirt: Topshop || Vest: Zara (similar one here) || Boots: Zara || Sunglasses: Aldo (similar ones here) || Bag: Aldo

What type of skirt do you like to wear the most?

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    Elegant Duchess

    love your styling! My fave are pencil skirts xx