7 Fall-Winter Trends that You Need to Try Now
7 Fall-Winter Trends that You Need to Try Now
7 Fall-Winter Trends that You Need to Try Now

The arrival of fall is such a joyful event in the fascinating world of fashion because it means new trends, lots of boots, fall outfits, jackets and coats, and the list can go on and on. Simply amazing! But, I admit, this is the first year when I feel that fall has come too fast. And the pandemic is still here. Taking into account all these reasons, today I decided to share with you guys 7 fall-winter trends that you need to try now:

1. All Things Leather

I have announced HERE since the beginning of this year how popular this fashion trend will be and here we are, 10 months later, this trend is still here. There will be no better time to wear a leather skirt, a leather shirt, or a leather dress. The leather offers sophistication and elegance to any outfit.

The best thing is that in addition to the traditional shades of leather pieces (black, beige, white), this year the accent goes on colorful leather clothes. Just like this pistachio green on my shirt. What are other colors that you will find? Lilac, light blue, or pastel pink.

7 Fall-Winter Trends that You Need to Try Now

2. Dancing Fringes

Fringes first appeared in the shows of the biggest fashion houses, then they made their way to the shops. On a shy note though, fringes started to be added on bags, on a jacket, or on a skirt. But, and this is a huge "but", this fall the trend is evolving to a new level and more and more garments containing fringes are starting to appear. Which is great, because fringes express freedom and fun.

3. Shocking Metallic Shoes

In addition to all the great boots that are now on the market, metallic shoes are here to make a statement. And this is very easy to do considering how easily they stand out through the effect they produce.

In my case, the metallic platform sandals were exactly the shoes I needed to tastefully complete today’s outfit.

4. Bring Back the 90’s

I tend to assume that in a year of a pandemic, people are getting nostalgic about good old times. Millennials, especially. So it's no wonder there's a real movement back to the '90s marked by high-waisted pants, straight-cut jeans, fluffy cardigans, and colorful sweatshirts. Personally, I totally adore this style, because it's so easy to adapt it to everyday outfits.

5. Majestic Puffy Sleeves

Here's my favorite trend of this year - puffy sleeves! I can't help but adore it, it is extremely feminine, perfect to give some volume even to a simple outfit. Blouses and dresses with puffy sleeves are trending these days, so if you don't have such an item yet, I highly recommend it for your closet.

6. Fluffy Cardigans

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I mentioned the cardigans a little above and I will return to them a bit in this paragraph, because cardigans are really a great fall-winter trend.

Warm, fluffy, colorful, and easy to wear, they are a great item to have in your closet this season. On top of that, they are also very versatile! You can see how I styled a fluffy yellow cardigan right HERE.

7. Men's Fashion-Inspired Clothes

It's the era in which men's clothes are inspired by women's fashion and vice versa. And this fall, the influences of men's fashion can be found among the fashionable clothes. Whether we are talking about an oversized suit, a tie, a leather jacket, loafers, or tweed pieces, men's fashion-inspired pieces are a trend worth trying.

7 Fall-Winter Trends that You Need to Try Now

Outfit Details: Trench - Mohito || Shirt: Stradivarius (similar one here in a gorgeous shade of khaki) || pants: only || Sandals: Stradivarius (similar waves here) || Bag: Aldo || Sunglasses: Aldo (similar ones here)

Which one of these trends suits your style?

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