Let me tell you something first: I DON'T LIKE WINTER. I find it long, I can barely find a few places to take photos, I have to dress with lots of layers every time and the list can go on and on. The only thing I like about winter is the winter holidays. Christmas, New Year’s Eve, all the lights and the moments spent with my loved ones - yes, they make me very happy. But as soon as December is over, I can't wait for February-March to arrive. In any case, because even in winter we have to dress (sarcasm!), I created a list of 7 winter outfit ideas to try now. I would really appreciate a share on Facebook or Pinterest if you find this post useful.

1 / Black and White Outfit

7 ținute care să te inspire iarna aceasta

In the previous blog post I talked about this year's fashion trends, but in the meantime I determined another trend that will be added to those ones. Black and white outfits are back. Whether we are talking about a print in these shades or solid color clothes, the black and white pairing continues to fascinate the fashion universe. For a fashion-forward outfit, I recommend the combination in the photo: white shirt, black office pants, a black vest (or an oversized jacket) and square / pointed toe ankle boots.

2 / Add a Cardigan if Needed

7 ținute care să te inspire iarna aceasta

Cardigans and in general, all knitted garments, are trending this year. In addition to being trendy, a cardigan keeps you warm and complements any outfit. Underneath a cardigan you can add a turtleneck (as I did), a T-shirt or a shirt. Even a dress, why not? This is where the beauty of fashion lies - mixing different pieces that look amazing together!

3 / Use Denim Skirts

7 ținute care să te inspire iarna aceasta

Denim skirts are not only trending again, but they help you create super fun combinations. Like the one in the picture, for example! I will soon write an entire blog post dedicated to the ways you can wear a denim skirt, so stay close. Meanwhile, a denim skirt paired with tights and a fluffy sweater makes an amazing outfit.

4 / A Fluffy Sweater Paired with Anything

7 ținute care să te inspire iarna aceasta

Fluffy sweaters are your best friends in winter! Their rich texture protects against the cold and come in so many colors and styles! For example, in the picture, I wear a fluffy pink sweater, but you can choose any other shade. You can read more details about fluffy sweaters right here.

5 / Dress over Shirt

7 ținute care să te inspire iarna aceasta

I really like the slightly more unexpected styles. And a dress over shirt fits into this category. To a plain white shirt, you can add several types of dresses: a pinafore dress (like the one in the picture), a volume dress (i.e. it's a type of dress that is tight under the bust and then comes wide), a slip dress or a denim one.

6 / Colorful Ankle Boots

7 ținute care să te inspire iarna aceasta

Colorful ankle boots are a fun way to create an outfit! I know that people tend to wear brown or black boots during winter, but other colors instantly make an outfit pop. Here I created a super colorful pairing between fuchsia pink, teal and fiery red.

7 / Inject Color into Black

7 ținute care să te inspire iarna aceasta

OK, I understand, black is very easy to wear during winter. But to create a remarkable outfit, I recommend to incorporate some color into an all-black outfit. In my case, I chose a muted green shade. No matter what item is colored in your outfit, it will definitely brighten up your look.

Which outfit is your favorite from this list?

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    Love all of these outfits but my favorite is the look with the bright boots!

    Jill - Doused in Pink


    So many ideas, thanks for sharing this!


    What beautiful styles! The one with pink boots and green skirt is my favorite!