Welcome to a delightful place!

BUDI (standing for Beautiful uniqueness & Delightul ideal) is a lifestyle, mainly fashion blog, owned by Andreea Claudia. It is a place where the aesthetic, style and passion meet and become a group of images and words. It is like a chemistry project, but a more fashionable one, where colors, letters, ideas and perspective are put in a single place. It is easy to see that its owner has a huge passion for this domain and is truly dedicated to every project.

Andreea graduated Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, which helps her to organize and manage everything she works for. Mathematics is another big love of her and you can find her sometimes solving a difficult Number Theory problem. On the other hand, her passion for fashion comes naturally, it is intuitive and it is in a total contrast with her love for Mathematics.

Andreea is keen to inspire women in everyday life with an elegant style, exciting tips and exciting stories. Living in Bucharest - also known as Little Paris - Andreea is somehow French girl who adore pink color, Victorian style, heel shoes, special bags and the list can continue.

Here at BUDI every collaboration is welcomed and everyone is invited to move into a world of style, where refinement meets reality in an overwhelming context. You can contact Andreea at [email protected] for any style advice, more information, or a possible collaboration.

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