Hehe, I am back! I took a break from blogging because I got a really bad flu that made me sick for a week. Tissues, medicines, tea (a lot of tea), fluffy blanket – they all composed my universe in the past few days. But I got recovered and I’m now ready to wear heels again; btw, I think I need a new pair of heels. Today I’ll tell you more about a style that defines me and from where you can get a lot of inspiration: the sophisticated style.

Shirt: Zara  (similar one here)| skirt: can’t remember where it is from (similar one here) | Shoes: Bagossa | Thighs: Calzedonia | Bag: Lynne (out of stock)

A sophisticated look may seem hard to achieve, may seem like you need to stay 5 hours in front of the mirror to get that bold look. WRONG. You can get a sophisticated look in some easy steps if you dare to be bold. Below you can find all the steps you need to follow in order to achieve a sophisticated look:


1.Wear silky and smooth fabrics

Rich and smooth fabrics offer, both visually and tactilely, the feeling of elegance and refinement. Let’s say that, when it comes to fabrics, they make the difference between a casual outfit and a sophisticated one. Among the fabrics I recommend for a crisp and sophisticated look, there can be included: satin, cashmere, silk, chiffon, lace, and the list goes on. So, next time when you go shopping, read carefully the fabrics written on the tag of a product. They matter. Quite a lot.

Key tip: A high-quality fabric makes the difference between a casual look and a sophisticated look.

2.Mix prints

A dramatic outfit isn’t necessary a … simple outfit. This is why you can get a bold look by mixing different prints and patterns. Don’t be afraid to mix florals with stripes -as I did in today’s outfit- or plaid with stripes, or animal print with floral print, you name it. This is the magic of fashion! The freedom to choose and combine pieces exactly how your personality is. Follow the rules, but let your imagination personalize them!

Key tip: Mix patterns to get a stunning look.


3.Choose the right pair of shoes

and don’t date to wear boring shoes again! It’s one of the bits of advice I always offer when I’m asked how to improve a look. The right pair of shoes will make a simple outfit pop. In today’s outfit, I opted for a famous and classic pair of shoes, but there are so many more beautiful models out there! Don’t be afraid to add neon pumps to an all-black outfit or pointed pumps when you want to get an elegant look.

Key tip: Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she’ll conquer the world. (Marylin Monroe)

4.Be bold

And if you don’t know how to be bold, fake it until you make it. A sophisticated outfit should be daring, should catch everyone’s attention. In order to get such a look, it is necessary to leave your fears behind when you open the doors of your closet. Take a breath, choose the most interesting pieces from your wardrobe and go conquer the world.

Key tip: The attitude is a feature you don’t want to miss.


5.Apply the appropriate makeup

For a neutral tone outfit, try to achieve a fresh and luminous face. For a colorful outfit, go for natural makeup and focus on the eyes. When having to deal with a warm color palette, choose red lips and cat eyes. And the list goes on.

Key tip: A sophisticated look is incomplete without the appropriate makeup.


How do you achieve a sophisticated look?

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