A a few weeks ago, before I got sick, I asked you on my Instagram Stories what blog posts would you like to see in the future on my blog. And a dear friend of mine dared to challenge me to write a blog post about all-black outfits. Why do I call it a challenge? Because I don't wear all-black outfits!

Wait a minute!

Let's read again the last sentence. Because & #8211; I & #8211; don't & #8211; wear & #8211; all & #8211; black & #8211; outfits.

Yes, I can imagine your face right now. I know, it seems unbelievable. But the reason behind this is that I'm a solar person, I love to wear bright and bold colors. but never say never, so here I am, wearing an all-black outfit!

And since I got in the situation to wear such an outfit, I wrote a list of 7 things you can do to spice up an all-black outfit:

pants: Stradivarius | sweater: H & M | Shoes Bagossa (similar one here) | Jacket: Bershka (similar one here)

1. Add gold / silver accessories

Classic, but it works. Personally, I'm a huge fan of the pairing between a dramatic little black dress and big gold bracelets and gold statement rings. Generally speaking, metals work great with this dark shade because they harmonize it, giving it that "je ne sais quoi" thing.

If you choose to wear an all-black outfit, think of adding metal accessories for a refined look.

2. Create volumes

I like how the expression "create volumes" sounds because it suggests the idea of layers over layers. More exactly, to proceed like I have done today by adding the jacket over the ensemble consisting of pants and sweater. Other good choices to consider would be a blazer, a cardigan or a coat.

To get a modern look use layers over layers.

3. Wear white trainers

Add a cool and fresh tone to an all-black outfit by wearing white trainers. You'll create such a modern and comfy outfit in this way! I could have switched the heels with a pair of white sneakers in today's outfit, right?

Create a nice contrast between the dramatic black and the fresh white.

4. Mix fabrics

In order not to get a boring look, I would suggest you mix different kinds of fabrics. Denim with wool, lace with velvet, cotton with denim, and the list goes on. These days there are so many unique and charming clothing pieces that you can mix and match!

Mix fabrics to create a modern look.

5. Add a pop of color

It's probably one of the most popular tips you could get! Truth is that of pop of color on a black background always works and it's a trick used by a lot of designers and people to get a chic outfit. A pair of green neon pointed shoes, a fuchsia bag and in general, any piece that comes in a bold color works great with black.

Solid colors are best friends with black.

6. Add a city statement

A statement belt does wonders to an outfit! Proof & #8211; here, here and here. Not only does it create a beautiful silhouette, but it adds some sassiness even to a common day-by-day outfit consisting of black jeans and a black turtleneck. But if you add an oversized jacket on top of it as I said on point number 2 and you also add a belt statement, the outfit will definitely be upgraded and you'll look fabulous.

Statement belts are like pepper. Not a must-have, but so great to add taste.

7. Tuck it in

It's a good trick to apply in order to get a beautiful silhouette and to forget about that basic outfit created by adding a blouse on top of a pair of jeans. For example, I tucked my sweater into the high-waisted pants in order to create the illusion of elongated legs.

It's a trick that creates a beautiful and long silhouette.


Do you usually wear all-black outfits?

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