You wanted Darius, here he is! He has joined me in a fun shooting and I could not be more excited to share with you my tips on how to master the art of couple dressing. Let's just dive in!

⌈TIP 1: Complement each other

I'm not really dressing like each other, but rather complement each other's outfits. What does that mean? If he goes for a casual sport look, I would not go for 4 inches heels. Or if I choose a flowy floral print dress, she would rather wear cropped chino trousers and a rustic shirt with sleeve tabs just like here. If I was to summarize all this info, I would say that you should always take into account each other's styles.

⌈TIP 2: Pay attention to color theory

I do recognize that there are lots of things to say about this subject, but let's break them into 3 main categories:

1. Use the same colors

This one is plain simple. Look in each other's closet and see what colors and clothing pieces do you have in common. Make sure these pieces match together and match the event. For example, I love to match Darius' color of shirt with my skirt, my shoes or my bag. Or if I wear a red sweater with a black skirt, he goes for a red sweater, but with a white shirt underneath to add a depth to his outfit.

2. Use different colors

This is an art and you should take into account color theory. The easiest one is the black outfit versus the white outfit and is good for formal events. He could wear an all-black outfit, while you could wear a white or ivory white dress. From here, you can go further and use colors. The most commonly known ones are: blue - orange, yellow - purple, red - green. Of course, in order not to look like a clown, opt for muted colors and pair them with neutral like cream, nude, sand, taupe or beige.

Me - Shoes Bagossa (similar ones here) | pants: Zara (similar ones here) | shirt: unknown (similar one here) | Bag: Zara (similar one here)

Him - Shoes Zara | trousers: Zara | sweater: Reserved | Clock: Huawei Watch


3. Warm tones Cool tones | Neutral tones

Warm color palettes contain yellows, reds, oranges, mid-oranges, mid-reds, and dark reds. So you could wear a red A-line dress, while he could wear an orange shirt with beige pants and blazer. Gorgeous, right?

Cool color palettes include light blues, dark blues, light greens, olive greens, green greens, purples, and indigos. For example, you could wear a navy blue skirt and a white puff sleeve shirt while you could wear an olive green sweater and jeans. So cool! * pun intended *

And let's not forget about the neutrals! The best example I could give you are today's outfits. I'm wearing a white printed shirt with grayish blue pants and black ankle strap heels, while he wears a cream sweater, white jeans, and white shoes.


⌈TIP 3: Do not forget to match fabrics

I told you, there's a theory here and now you know how to master the art of couple dressing! So suppose you both agreed to use the same colors, but what's next? The next step is to match the fabrics. This is not necessarily a hard task to accomplish, because you need to take into account the season you are in. If it's winter, you could wear flannel, tweed, corduroy or cashmere. If it's summer, you could wear linen, cotton or poplin.

In the end, do not forget to have fun while mastering the art of the couple dressing! There are tons of rules to follow but always wear what is best for you and your partner. Because you look the best when you wear an outfit that represents you.  

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