Cele mai bune locuri pentru poze în București – Ediția 2
Cele mai bune locuri pentru poze în București – Ediția 2
Cele mai bune locuri pentru poze în București – Ediția 2

The saga of searching for the most instagrammable continuous places! I have prepared a new edition of one of the most popular articles on the blog - for the first edition click HERE. Bucharest is full of surprises: it either delights you or it annoys you (if this is your first visit, most probably will just delight you). It has some of the most beautiful places to take pictures and some places are really worth visiting. I don't want to be long, so I'm going to be short (* pun intended) and I'll show you guys the best Instagram spots in Bucharest - part 2:

1 / House of the Free Press (in Romanian Casa Presei Libere)

Address: Piata Presei Libere 1, Bucharest

Cele mai bune locuri pentru poze în București – Ediția 2

Whether you choose the small park in front of the building or among the columns (as I did), House of the Free Press is one of Bucharest’s landmarks. The architectural style and the impressive size of the building are two of the features that make this place perfect for pictures.

2 / Youth Park

Address: 4th District, Bucharest

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If you plan to walk, but also to take some nice pictures, I highly recommend the Youth Park. A charming place with many romantic spots, this park is ideal for those summer photos with you in a floral printed dress or any retro-inspired shot.

3 / The Stairs of Happiness

Address: Doctor Grigore Romniceanu Street, No 13, Bucharest

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Already a landmark of Bucharest, the Stairs of Happiness are perfect for Instagram photos. Colorful and charming, they represent the ideal place for pictures. If you choose to take pictures there, I recommend you either go early in the morning or be patient, because at noon the place is usually full of people.

4 / Izvor Park

Address: Splaiul Independenței, Bucharest

In this case, there are two little places that I want to recommend to you: the first is given by the park itself and the second is given by the bridge that crosses Dâmbovița river. In the case of this image, the picture was taken on the bridge, but the park itself is also very charming. I recommend these two places for professional pictures, where you want to highlight the outfit you are wearing.

5 / Bucharest National Theater

Address: Tudor Arghezi Street, No 5, Bucharest

I have admired this area next to the Intercontinental Hotel since I was a student. Majestic, elegant and of rare architectural beauty, the Bucharest National Theater is the perfect place for modern photos, where you want to highlight a fashionable outfit.

6 / Park Lake

Address: Liviu Rebreanu Street, No 4, Bucharest

In the previous blog post, I discussed about the sphere next to the AFI Cotroceni mall. And now I want to highlight another mall dear to me. This is Park Lake, a mall inspired by nature and an impressive construction that will look ideal in your photos. So, next time you go shopping, you can stop in front of the mall for a spontaneous photoshoot.

7 / Children's World Park, next to the wheel

Address: Tineretului Boulevard, Bucharest

For pictures with fun and fresh air, I highly recommend the Children's World Park. I took this picture in the late afternoon, but the location is perfect for any time of the day: either during the day for bright photo sessions, or in the evening, when the magic lights of the games come on.

8 / National Library of Romania

Address: Unirii Boulevard, No 22, Bucharest

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If you want a photo session with a representative building in the background, I highly recommend the National Library of Romania. In this case, there is an infinite number of angles and possibilities for you to take pictures, so it is a flexible place in terms of creativity. For example, we chose to capture the building by crossing the boulevard and taking pictures on a parallel street.

9 / The boulevard in front of Cismigiu Park

Address: Queen Elisabeta Boulevard, Bucharest

The boulevard in front of Cismigiu Park is full of historic buildings, with an elegant air, perfect to be captured in pictures. I didn't choose to talk about just one building, because there are many interesting places where you can choose to take pictures. The picture we took is right in front of the entrance to Cismigiu Park.

10 / Luigi Cazzavillan Park

Address: Luigi Cazzavilan Street, No 25, Bucharest

Aaaaah, this park is a place dear to my soul - it's the place where I took the engagement pictures with Darius. And they turned out absolutely fantastic! Totally romantic, this little park has an elegant fountain that dominates its center. So I find it perfect for couple pictures or retro-romantic shots!

How do you like all these places?

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    So many gorgeous spots to take a pic! Thanks for sharing!

    Elegant Duchess

    did find some great spots! Lovely photos and all the fabulous colors xx