It's very hard to open someone's closet and not find a single striped piece. I would go even further and I would say that it is almost impossible. Stripes will never go out of fashion, they are kinda like the salt and pepper of the fabrics and they are versatile. That's right: stripes are versatile. Below you'll find the best ways to wear stripes:

skirt: Bershka (similar one here)| Top: old, can't remember where it is from (similar one here) | Shoes: Stradivarius | Bag: Mohito | Jacket: Zara (similar one here)


1. Stripes x stripes

It's the main example of the post from today. It's not necessarily the easiest method to work with, but it creates such a gorgeous outfit. When you mix different types of stripes, be sure that the dimensions of the stripes match (wide / narrow stripes). Don't be afraid to mix vertical stripes with horizontal stripes; for example, you can mix a pair of vertical striped pants with a horizontal striped top. Pay attention to the colors of the stripes, it would be great if they would be in the same color palette. In my case, I paired the colorful striped off-shoulder top with the colorful asymmetric skirt.

Mix stripes in order to create a complex and modern look.

2. Sailor stripes are still a trend

You probably already know those navy blue and white stripes. Maybe with a little bit of red? Of course, you know! And yes, they are still a trend. actually, this print is a timeless one. It's like a little black dress if I were to make a comparison. You can get a polished day by day look by pairing a striped shirt with a pair of navy blue office pants and minimalist nude heels.

Navy blue, white and red will always work in terms of stripes.

3. Colors for the win

Stripes don't necessarily have to be in two tones. I know that's somehow the usual type of this print, but variations are more than welcome when it comes to getting that look. That stunning look you've been looking for. In my case, the bold color palette of the skirt was complemented by the tranquil color palette of the top.

Choose bold and bright colors when you want to create a fabulous look.


4. Thin stripes for a sophisticated look

Stripes having the width between 1 mm and 5 mm are the best when it comes to creating a crisp and polished look, just like I did here. Because of their shape, they are more sophisticated and they are quite perfect for an office wear outfit.

In order to get a polished look, choose thin stripes, not large stripes.

5. Layers over layers

This tip is more for the cold months between fall and early spring. A tweed jacket over a striped sweater and a plaid scarf on top of them will do wonders. This mix between different types of prints is a modern action in the world of fashion where things don't happen like in the past anymore. Rewrite the rules and pay attention to one small but essential tip: keep up the proportions. In order to create that ideal outfit you have in your mind, you have to take care of the proportions, of balancing the prints and fabrics.

Layers over layers work great in the case of a complex look.

6. Simple, yet edgy

We can talk about theories, we can debate, but sometimes, simplicity wins. For a day by day look, I would suggest you pair a striped sweater with a pair of cigarette jeans (your stop right at the ankle) and a pair of strappy sandals. Simple, yet efficient.

Don't overthink. Simplicity still wins in most situations.


|| How do you like to wear stripes? ||

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