Tendințele în modă ale anului 2021 pe care merită să le încerci
Biggest Fashion Trends to Try in 2021
Biggest Fashion Trends to Try in 2021

2021 promises to be a year (I truly hope!) better than in 2020. Although personally, 2020 was not that bad, 2020 yet managed to turn humanity upside down with a pandemic that changed everyone’s lives. And here comes the first trend of 2021! More optimism, more gratefulness, and more colors are expected. In each domain, there are ideas that will oppose the existing ones, and in terms of fashion, everything will become so fashion-forward (ie directed towards the future). That being said, I invite you to stay with me to discover together the biggest fashion trends to try in 2021:

1 / More Color

Biggest Fashion Trends to Try in 2021

In 2020 neutral, earthy shades were the queens. The fashion universe was balanced by brown, beige, gray, white, khaki, black, and all the shades related to them. And, although they express stability and neutrality, they risk being a bit boring in my opinion. In short, 2021 will be loaded with lots of colors.. There is a shy return of red on the fashion scene, a green in light shades still trending, turquoise and yellow ready to support the whole ensemble. This is perfect because I love colors!

2 / Knitted Clothing

There has been a trend towards knitted clothing since last summer, and the passion for it continues to grow. Clothes of this type are light, can be easily integrated into casual outfits and they have a rather relaxed fit. For example, a colorful cardigan over a top with a white collar and jeans (just like in today’s outfit) manages to turn this outfit into a remarkable one. My advice is to have 1-2 items of this type in your closet to mix and match different styles throughout the year.

3 / Leather Clothing

Biggest Fashion Trends to Try in 2021

Leather clothes have been a very popular trend in 2020 and will continue to be a trend in 2021. But this time, leather will be found around casual pieces and not on the officewear ones like in the past. In particular, be prepared for a lot of leather blazers and a lot of oversized leather shirts. For a modern look, I recommend an outfit consisting only of leather clothes or pairing them with some denim.

4 / Puff Sleeves

Biggest Fashion Trends to Try in 2021

If you may have thought that puff sleeves will be out of style this year, well, puff sleeves are here to stay. Maybe even more voluminous than last year and accompanied by modern cuts, perfect for gorgeous outfits. You've probably already known me and how much I love puff sleeves, so I highly recommend them in order to create an elevated look.

Biggest Fashion Trends to Try in 2021

5 / Sequins and Glitter

Biggest Fashion Trends to Try in 2021

In order to oppose even more to the loungewear that was so present in 2020, the clothes in 2021 will contain sequins and glitter, perfect for going out in the city. Like a disco ball, this year’s clothes will contain everything needed for a dramatic outfit: color, sparkle, modern cuts, and a lot of creativity.

6 / Bralettes

Biggest Fashion Trends to Try in 2021

It's not necessarily a trend I identify with (as proof, I don't have a bralette in my closet), but I admit it's a wow one. Leaving me a little aside in this discussion, such a short top worn under an oversized jacket and high-waisted pants manages to make a perfect outfit. Who knows, maybe even I'll end up wearing one.

7 / Minimal Sandals

Biggest Fashion Trends to Try in 2021

Sandals will continue to get an increasingly minimal look; more precisely, the straps will be thinner and less in number. The heels will be high and thin, transparent, or in an hourglass shape. The toes of the sandals will keep their square look or they will have a perfectly pointed toe. They are designed to complement the outfit, which is ideal!

Outfit Details

Biggest Fashion Trends to Try in 2021
Biggest Fashion Trends to Try in 2021

Outfit Details - Cardigan: Topshop || Top: H&M (similar one here) || Jeans: River Island || Pumps: Asos (similar ones here) || Bag: Mohito (similar one here) || Hair accessories: H&M

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    These are such fun trends to try in the new year! I love the knitted trend. You look gorgeous in all of these photos!



    So many cute trends! I really like that mustard knit cardi on you too, looks so warm and cozy! 🙂

    Happy new year!


    You have amazing shoes.

    Mariann Yip

    Your shoes are so cute!


    I'm excited for these trends! You look amazing in all these looks!


    'm soooo into these trends- you styled these outfits so beautifully!


    Sam | Violet Hollow

    Love the trends this year! I want to add some more color blocks to my wardrobe. Thank you for the inspo xx


    Puffy sleeves are my absolute favorite. I even want to stock up on more puffy tops.



    I am gagging over your fab assorted looks. I will mos def be taking on most of these trends - ie color, glitter, leather, puff sleeves… Yaaay! things to look forward to in 2021, hope your year has started well! Xo