Girl with red turtleneck
Girl with red turtleneck

Colors were, are and will always be the basis in any art. This principle remains true in the fashion universe where colors express a mood or they enhance a person's natural beauty. In what concerns me, colors are the salt and pepper of any look. Period. This season, colors are reinvented, they are mixed rather complementary in order to get strong contrasts. Below, you will find some examples of color pairings that will make you look stunning this fall:

1. Red + brown + yellow

Red, brown, yellow
Color clashing

Somehow spectacular, this pairing makes me think of fall leaves. The idea behind this combination is to choose two shades that are very close to each other in the color wheel plus another color that brings some contrast to the overall look. This last color may be totally opposite, like blue, or in the same color palette. I applied this idea with the brown skirt and tights, the red turtleneck and the yellow heels.

heels: Zara | Skirt: Poem (similar one here) | Turtleneck: unknown (similar one here) | handbag: Zara

Yellow heels

2. Forest green + lilac

Forest green, lily
Color clashing

Both green and purple are extremely popular this season. New rule: colors that match the season are out of style. Contrasts can be seen everywhere. More precisely, you can wear a monochrome green look during fall or a monochrome gray look during spring. The choice is yours!

Credit: pinterest

3. Orange + green + blue

Orange, green, blue
Color clashing

I know what you're thinking: what is too much, is too much. Well, let me tell you something: in the fashion domain, if you know how to keep proportions, this principle is not valid anymore. For example, in the image, you can see an outfit where the green palace pants are balanced by the bold orange sweater. And that mini blue handbag is too cute!

Credit: pinterest

4. Fuchsia + orange

Fuchsia, orange
Color clashing

I love fuchsia. This vibrant and bold color really adds energy to any outfit. Imagine, for a few seconds, a pair of light washed jeans, a white shirt, and an oversized fuchsia blazer. Now you get it, right? Personally, I'm in love with the pairing between fuchsia and red, but in the past few months, a new uber-cool combination gains more likes in the fashion universe. It's all about orange and fuchsia, which is the perfect pairing to wear during a moody fall day.

Credit: pinterest

5. Red + cyan

Red, cyan
Color clashing

Another color pairing that really amazes me this fall is the pairing between red and cyan. The passionate and fiery red is toned down by this light shade of blue, which is everything but not dull. Plus, it's a pairing that will delight your passion for color clashing.

Credit: pinterest

What is your favorite color pairing from all of these?

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    Meet Miri

    I love all these fun outfits and color mixes! Thank you for sharing this great fall inspiration.

    lots of love, Miri

    Andreea Claudia

    You're more than welcome, Miri! Fall definitely inspires me. xo


    The blush pink and red pairing is something I've often shied away from and yet have been totally convinced by your chic outfit here! Hope you're having a lovely week so far x

    Andreea Claudia

    I'm so happy to hear that, Gabrielle! Your comment totally made my day! xo


    These are such great ideas! I love eye catching combos!

    District of Chic

    Andreea Claudia

    Eye catching combos are definitely the best! Thank you so much, babe! xo

    Radostina Blagoeva

    For some reason I really love lilac and green together! It looks amazing!
    So fun to play with colors!

    Andreea Claudia

    Lilac and green look so sophisticated together! Thank you so much, babe! xo