Oh, l’amour! Such an important aspect of our lives. And when I’m speaking about love, I’m referring to that sincere love between two persons, to that perfect mix between tenderness, comprehension and attraction. Because love, in its true sense, is an overwhelming feeling, that should be celebrated by each and one of us. And how it could better celebrated than at a romantic dinner? Write down in the comments what other good ideas you have to celebrate love.

As for me, I reached a point into our relationship where a romantic dinner represents an escape from our daily routine. It is a tribute to our love, to our life together (with good and bad things happening), and it gives me the perfect occasion to dress in a fabulous way. I associate this type of event with a feminine dress, in bright or pastel hues, that highlight the charm of the moment.

And, after this good introduction, we can easily discuss what should we wear on a romantic dinner. I have a lot of tips prepared, so stay with me, even if you are (or not) in a relationship. We cannot guess when our heart will be stolen by love!


Of course, the outfit should express femininity, a little bit of sensuality and an unique elegance. A good
example is the outfit I’m wearing today.

The pale blue dress has an elegant construction, with ruffles that create a graceful movement. Because
it is high waisted, it creates the illusion of elongated legs, while the little collar helps to create a balanced image. As always, the details are the ones that matter and this dress has a lot of details which distinguishes it from the rest of the clothes that we find everywhere. Another romantic detail, which is the opposite of the dress color, is the red flower from the chest.

If I was to resume to only one sentence, I would say: SOPHISTICATION. This should be the message
suggested by an outfit at a romantic dinner.

Other examples of outfits to wear on a romantic date:

Source: pinterest
Straight from the office

An oversized white shirt together with an asymmetrical skirt will make the difference. If you have problems when wearing heels, you can take a pair of loafers at the office. When you are ready to go, grab your hair at the back, add a gold necklace and take your best pumps/ sandals. And don’t forget to refresh your makeup!

Source: StyleDuMonde
Mix patterns

Stripes, floral prints, animal prints or geometric patterns. Mixing patterns is a huge trend this season and it creates a beautiful image that speaks for itself. If you like to stand out from the crowd, such an outfit will do the job.

Source: pinterest
All black 

Black expresses power and elegance, and it perfectly focuses the essence of the meeting. Choose a black ensemble and get him mad for you. Be careful to choose the appropriate jewelry!

Source: pinterest

Retro vibes

Femininity is perfectly associated with a retro outfit. And fashion loves everything that means retro! Take a step back the past by choosing a buttoned dress, pearls and a pair of fine sandals.

Source: pinterest

In the colors of love

Red means love. Pink means cuteness, femininity, romance. This color combo should not fail in the case of a romantic dinner!

What would you choose to wear at a romantic dinner?


Hugs and kisses,

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