Yaaaas, is that season again! It’s that time of the year when sun shines brighter, when we move the heavy clothes behind the thin ones and when we are ready to “embrace” the newest trends of the season! Yes, it’s true that trends come and go, but they are the ones that refresh our closet when it becomes somewhat old. I analyzed the shows and the streetstyle outfits and now I’m ready to present you what I learned.

So, what are the hottest trends of spring 2019?

Heels: Zara (similar pink ones here) | Skirt: Zara (similar one here) |  Belt: Zara (similar one here)


  1. Bows

I cannot tell you how happy I am that bows are one of this season’s trends. Feminine, romantic and charming, bows give a special look to any outfit. You’ll meet them mostly on shirts that can be tied up with the help of a bow. Exactly like the shirt I’m wearing in today’s outfit!

  1. Monochrome suit

Powerful and elegant, the monochrome suit is easy to be spotted amongst the trends of this season. The most interesting one are those that are structured, because they offer elegance to any silhouette and they express power.

  1. Polka dots

Although a major trend of the 50’s and the 60’s, polka dots made a comeback and they are here to stay. Feminine and fun, they add grace to any piece containing them. This spring polka dots can be found on a lot of pieces: from clothes to bags.

  1. Neon

Even if I’m not of a fan of this trend, I recognize that is one of the hottest trends of this season. From neon green to neon orange, these hues are huge in the world of fashion. The most interesting way to wear these colors? Combine them with a gray plaid suit.

  1. Neutrals from head to toe

It’s not a surprise that this trend is huge this season. It is a safe option that is easy to wear and it has such a unique and modern vibe. I find that a combination between a beige jacket, a beige blouse and a midi skirt of the same color is so sophisticated.

  1. Solar yellow

The color of joy and energy, yellow is a powerful color that dominates this spring. Yellow pieces clearly refresh any outfit, but if you thought that pale yellow will be found in the shops, you’ll have a surprise: solar yellow is the one that will be found!

  1. Cycling shorts

Well, there it is! It’s a trend that I haven’t caved into yet, but it is modern, is great for sporty girls (which I’m not!) and it is daring, for sure. The best way to wear cycling shorts? Probably with an oversized blazer.


What are the trends that you’ll wear this spring?

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