How I create my Instagram Outfits
How I create my Instagram Outfits
How I create my Instagram Outfits

Anyone who knows me pretty well already knows that Instagram is my favorite social media platform and therefore I spend a lot of time there. Maybe more than I should… Well, I know for sure that I inspire and am inspired there, so today I thought I would share with you guys how I create my Instagram outfits. Get to know everything below.

1. I Always Choose Colorful Outfits

I love the colors! No, in fact, I can strongly affirm that I live my life through colors. My closet is full of colorful clothes and this preference is directly reflected in the outfits I show on Instagram. I rarely wear neutral shades such as white, black, gray, beige, khaki (you can find out more about neutral shades here) and more often I go for shades like fuchsia pink, forest green, sky blue, and more recently, lilac and yellow. For example, in today's outfit, although I wear black and white, I changed the whole look with a pink blouse. A little color never killed anybody.

2. I’m Dying over Romantic-Inspired Outfits

You will probably never see me on Instagram - and not even in my everyday life! - wearing sweatshirts, sports pants or tracksuits. No way! I have nothing against workwear style, on the contrary I find it extremely comfortable, but it does not characterize me at all.

And if there's one thing I've learned on Instagram, it's to always highlight my own style. And therefore I always incorporate feminine elements such as headbands, ruffles, lace, puffy sleeves or oversized bows.

How I create my Instagram Outfits

3. I Always Try to Spice Up the Outfit

The normality bores me to death in fashion. For me, normality is synonymous with boredom in this field.

That's why I always try to spice up my outfits. And the easiest way to keep this habit is to always buy clothes that have something special: an asymmetrical cut, an exotic print, diamond or pearl buttons, and the list goes on and on.

4. I'm Inspired by the Places I'm Going to Visit

I rarely show my outfits from home on Instagram, so most of the time I dress according to the places I am going to visit. For example, if I know I’m going for a walk with Darius in the park, I wear either a feminine dress, a colorful jumpsuit, or an elegant mix of pieces. Or if I go out to a cafe, I wear a casual outfit, to which I add accessories that complement the whole outfit.

5. I Start With Only One Piece…

… And build the whole outfit around it. For example, for today's outfit, the central piece was this pink prairie blouse that I simply adore. To create a nice contrast, I chose black and white pants. Black heels and a bag in the same shades of the pants harmoniously complemented the outfit. Or if I have a new skirt that I want to highlight, I choose a blouse in a playful shade, shoes most likely with heels and then I think if I’ll add a vest, a trench coat, or other outerwear pieces.

How I create my Instagram Outfits

Outfit Details ~ Blouse: True Fashion || Pants: Zara (similar waves here) || Heels: Bagossa (similar ones here) || Bag: Zara (similar one here)

Do you usually show your outfits on Instagram?

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