How I would dress if I were 16 again

Sweet sixteen! Honestly, I didn’t find this age back then as fantastic as it seems to me now. It's the age when you start getting to know the world and think about your mission in life while strolling in the park with friends. It's the age at which you taste a little bit of adult life, but still enjoying when your mother brings you breakfast in bed. I became nostalgic! In fact, I've been intending to write this blog post for a long time now, especially for my young readers who may not, however, find themselves in the sophisticated style I usually propose. Here's how I would dress if I were 16 again:

Idea 1 - The New Adult

How I would dress if I were 16 again

I started this outfit with the checkered dress that I simply adore and, in order to do a little styling, I added a printed shirt and a pair of black tights. I pumped a youthful air into the outfit by wearing a pair of white platform sneakers instead of the usual heels. The peachy bag went hand in hand with the shade of the print on the dress. It's a playful outfit I wore to the mall (before the pandemic was declared).

Tip 1: Combine a mini dress, a shirt and a pair of white sneakers for a modern outfit.

Idea 2 - Effortlessly Chic

Teeange outfit

I'm pretty sure there's at least one pair of high-waisted jeans in any teenage girl's closet. And a few feminine-inspired blouses, too (with ruffles or lace). I would pair these two pieces together with a pair of white ankle boots, which are like a kind of salad dressing, in short they cannot miss from a stunning outfit. Any chain bag will harmoniously complement the whole look.

Jeans: Bershka | blouse: Bershka | Boots: Bershka | Bag: Bershka

Tip 2: To an outfit consisting of simple pieces such as jeans and a blouse, add a pair of ankle boots with a small square heel.

Idea 3 - Who Said Cartoon Animations Are for Children?

Teeange outfit

I remember that, at the age of 16, I loved to be inspired by adults and still keep things that reminded me of my childhood. So, I used to wear a graphic T-shirt to which I added office pants. I finished the look with a blazer, flat sandals, and a bag in a color matching the outfit. In short, I was wearing an office outfit that I reinterpreted as a teenager.

T-shirt: Stradivarius | pants: Stradivarius | Blazer: Stradivarius | Bag: Stradivarius | Sandals: Stradivarius

Tip 3: Feel free to combine office pieces with funny ones. Contrasts are appreciated in fashion.

How I would dress if I were 16 again

Dress: Mohito (similar one here) | Shirt: unknown (similar one here) | Tights: Calzedonia

Bag: Mohito (similar one here) | Sneakers: Zara (similar ones here)

Idea 4 - Denim with Denim

Teeange outfit

And not just any denim piece, but rather an oversized jacket paired with mom jeans. A simple white top and a pair of platform sports shoes will complete the outfit perfectly. For such an outfit, I would go for a backpack rather than a handbag.

Jacket: H & M | Jeans: H & M | Sneakers: H & M | Backpack: H & M

Tip 4: Denim pieces with an exaggerated volume have been trending lately.

Idea 5 - School-inspired, But Not So School-inspired

Teeanage outfit

I still remember how much I loved the checkered skirts while I was 16. I still consider them to be a staple in the closet of any young woman under 18, they are playful, funny and yes, they look very nice. A blouse with puff sleeves and a pair of leather ankle boots make this outfit a gorgeous one.

skirt: H & M | blouse: H & M | Boots: Zara | Backpack: Zara

Tip 5: It's worth having a checkered mini skirt in your closet.

Idea 6 - Party Outfit

Teenage outfit

Girls, no matter how big the temptation would be to wear black at a party, leave it for later! Believe me, you will get bored of how many times you will wear black as an adult. Choose instead colorful dresses with polka dots, ruffles or with a floral print. Make contrasts by choosing a complementary color for your bag and shoes.

Dress: Zara | Sandals: Stradivarius | Bag: Stradivarius

Tip 6: Turquoise - orange, purple - yellow and green - coral are just some of the color combinations you can use.

I'm curious - how would you dress if you were 16 again?

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