How to dress up for a presentation? This question keeps popping into my private messages on Instagram. If you need to present a project at work or college, presentation needs preparation in advance. If you invested time to get a cool presentation, then you should pay the same attention to your outfit. This is double respect: for your presentation and the audience. Stay with me to find out how to dress up for a presentation:


Start: Begin by choosing the essentials

What do I mean by essentials? These are the must-haves of an outfit. To be more precise, I can name 3 big essentials / mixes for a presentation: dress, pants with a blazer or a skirt with a blazer.

Having these elements on the basis, it will be easier for you to choose the appropriate accessories and to add a little bit of your personality.

Myth: You shouldn't wear colorful clothes

Only if you don't like colors. The times when only dark colors and white were appropriate for a presentation have changed. Diversity is a key factor these days, it's somehow boring to be like others. So don't be afraid to choose a bold color palette for your presentation outfit. You just have to pay attention that your colors are appropriate for the event, meaning if you are at a public speaking conference, you can choose any type of color you want, but if you are presenting a project to your boss, you would better choose neutrals , pale yellow, navy blue, and so on.

Find the right balance between the colors of your outfit and the event.

Dilemma: High heels or any type of shoes?

In my case, it's very easy to answer! Obviously, high heels. In your case, start by asking yourself if you'd wear high heels for more than 3 hours. If you can't picture yourself standing in front of a crowd wearing high heels, then go for a pair of loafers or kitten heels. If you are in the opposite case, like I am, go for a classic type of heels that we'll make you look sophisticated. In today's outfit, I choose a pair of Mary Jane high heels in a gorgeous shade of pale blue. This pop of color brings that drop of personality that is so important in the look and that is the next thing I walk to talk about.

High heels are one of the most popular presentation options, but there are many other options you can go for.

Dress: Zara (similar one here) | Shirt: Lashez (similar one here) | Shoes: Zara (similar one here) | Bag: Aldo (similar one here) | brooch: Meli Melo (similar one here)

Mandatory: Don't forget to add a little bit of your personality

If you put the effort into your presentation and added a personal touch even to a small extent, then you need to extend this detail to your outfit, too. Do you know what it's like? It's like in a house: you don't just paint it, you also add flowers and paintings that represent you. Your personality should reflect into your look, but maybe I'll talk more about it in the future because there are a lot of things to say regardless of this topic. Let me know in the comments if you'd be interested in knowing how to reflect your personality into your outfit. In my case, the color of the shoes, the shade of the bag and the scarf attached to it are definitely details that truly reflect my personality.

Personality is the key to a well-defined look.

Tip: Forget about bold makeup

There are a lot of other events where you can wear metallic blue eyeshadow or purple lipstick. And I hope you agree with me on this one. A presentation requires balance.A balance between you and your audience, a balance between your tone and speech, a balance between outfit and presentation. Hence I highly recommend you to go for a natural look, the “no-makeup makeup”. Mascara, not false eyelashes, neutral eyeshadow, not yellow, a tinted rose lipstick, not a bold purple. You got it, right?

For a successful look, go for natural makeup.

Emotions: Are they good?

EVERYONE has emotions. Unless you are a robot or you've been doing this for years and everything seems easy peasy. From my point of view, emotions are a positive factor, as long as they do not have a negative impact on your presentation. There's no problem that your heart beats faster, but it's a problem to loose words in front of the audience, it's not a problem that you have sweaty palms, but it's a problem if you have a trembling voice. In fact, emotions are a good factor, because they train your body for presentation, they pump the needed adrenaline for this process. Learn to control them and you'll be ready to expect the unexpected.

Don't let the emotions take control over your body.

|| So how do you like to dress for a presentation? ||

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