A blazer is such a classic, versatile and helpful piece when it comes to creating a stylish outfit. You can wear it at the office, during a job interview, at a dinner with your friends and wherever you want as long as you want to wear something amazing. So here comes the real question: how can you wear a blazer in a modern way?


1. With a belt cinched to your waist

Blazer: Bershka (similar one here) | Skirt: Zara (similar one here) | Belt: Stradivarius (similar one here) | Tights: Calzedonia


It is the perfect method to create that stunning hourglass silhouette and is also an unusual way to style a blazer. I recommend this trick when working with an oversized blazer, because in this way, you’ll keep the proportionality. For today’s outfit, I chose a gray oversized blazer and a red turtleneck with a geometric pattern underneath (by the way, the geometric pattern is a super hot trend of this season). I’ve chosen a gray – red – black color palette, so I finished the outfit by adding red boots.


2. By applying a monochrome palette

 source: pinterest

A monochrome office suit is as spicy as a jalapeno pepper and it is a must-have piece of the season. The most interesting part of such a combination is given by the strong visual effect that it creates. Such an outfit can easily be worn at the office or during an important meeting.


3. On top of an evening dress

 source: pinterest

A very important feature of a blazer is, as I mentioned earlier, its versatility. Generally speaking, a blazer is associated to the office environment where everything is crisp and professional. Somehow, in a total contrast to this image, is the action to wear the blazer on top of an evening dress. The whole outfit will look polished and charming.


4. With jeans

 source: pinterest

It’s not necessarily something new, but it is an ensemble that truly works. An outfit consisting of tee- shirt and jeans may look very common, but if you add a blazer on top, the whole outfit gets a new vibe. To make it even more stylish, I would choose a velvet blazer, like you can see in the image.


5. In an ensemble made with a lot of pieces

 source: pinterest

A thing that really captivated me when I first saw this outfit is how much neatness contains: skirt over
skirt, an oversized shirt and a buttoned blazer. It’s a gorgeous combination that I truly recommend to
those of you who see fashion as a challenge and that aren’t afraid to be in the center of attention.


Do you like wearing blazers?

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