How to Wear Shorts
How to Wear Shorts

Shorts have a reputation for being known as a summer item. Which isn't necessarily false, they're really perfect for the warm seasons. But in fashion the rules are written only to be broken or supplemented differently than you would imagine, so today I will not only talk about how to wear shorts in summer, but also in the cold seasons (fall, winter). Everyone probably has a pair of shorts in their closet, so let’s find out together how they can be styled.

How to Wear Shorts During Hot Seasons

STYLING 1: Shorts + Shirt

Just as you can see in the pictures, I love wearing shorts with a shirt. There is a nice contrast here that highlights the whole outfit; there are actually two contrasts. The first contrast is between the casual vibe of the shorts and the office vibe of the shirt, and the second contrast is given by the platform sneakers and the office-inspired vest. Whether you opt for denim shorts or another lightweight fabric, the combination with a shirt will definitely make you look fantastic.

Other styling items you can bring: a vest, gladiator sandals, mules (you can see some nice examples here), an oversized jacket.

How to Wear Shorts

STYLING 2: Shorts + A long-sleeved blouse

I love this trick in fashion! If I wear something short at the legs, then I prefer a long-sleeved blouse on the upper body. This combination works great; you can see an example here. Regardless of the fabric of the shorts, you have a lot of types of blouses that you can use: knitted, cotton, sheer, linen, and the list goes on and on.

Other styling items you can bring: platform sneakers, kitten heels, a colorful jacket, or an oversized jacket.

STYLING 3: Shorts + Blazer (Set)

If I were to appreciate one thing about sets, that’s how easy they make a great outfit. Unlike the previous point, here you don’t need too much imagination to create an outfit. All you have to do is to use a set of shorts and a blazer. It's that easy! Under the jacket, you can add a tank top, a top with a collar, or a simple T-shirt.

Other styling items you can bring: strappy sandals, mules, extravagant gold chains (you can see some models here).

How to Wear Shorts

Outfit Details - Shorts: H&M (similar ones here) | Shirt: Poema (similar one here) | Vest: old (I don't remember where it is from) | Chunky sneakers: Asos | Headband: Asos | Bag: Lynne (similar one here)

How to Wear Shorts in Cold Seasons - With Tights!

The premise from which we start this discussion is clearly given by tights. Black or colored, tights are the ideal protection against the cold.

STYLING 4: Shorts + Blazer (Set)

It's exactly the combination we talked about earlier but adapted to the cold season. Replace the thin tops with a long-sleeved shirt or a turtleneck and you’ll get a perfect fall / winter outfit. Of course, tights are a must-have item at temperatures below 15 ° C (that’s 59 ° F).

Other styling items you can bring: ankle boots with / without heel, a trench coat, a beret.

STYLING 5: Shorts + Sweater

A fluffy sweater added to your favorite pair of shorts will instantly create a gorgeous outfit. And again, you don't need to be very creative. On the contrary, you only need a nice fluffy sweater to complete your outfit. As a recommendation: choose a colorful sweater (duck egg green, intense turquoise, fuchsia pink, lavender lilac).

Other styling items you can bring: knee-high boots, a wool coat, a long vest.

How to Wear Shorts

A Curated Selection of Stylish Shorts

How to Wear Shorts

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Do you usually wear shorts?

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