blouse: Bershka |  Skirt: Bershka | Sandals: Bagossa 

I have been dreaming lately about starting a blog. A fairytale place, with a lot of light and peony fragrance, where I could meet my readers and talk. To tell together aromatic stories with and about clothes, late in the night or in the morning, thinking of colors, textures, but, moreover than that, about the message that an outfit shares. Because an outfit is not only about mixing some clothes. No! No! It is the time to see through this simple appearance. An outfit tells a story about its owner, is a mix of feelings and colors that gives an idea about the inner personality, it is only one face that a person displays in the everyday life.

I have been dreaming lately about telling stories. To discuss how we can match that gorgeous pair of sandals that we spotted in a shop, but that we didn’t buy because we couldn’t wear it more than once. To discuss what can we wear to amplify our qualities. To discuss what can we wear during a trip in the sunny Greece, in the amazing Italy or in the picturesque Bucharest. To discuss, above everything else, about a well-defined style, perfectly shaped like a geometric figure drawn with a ruler.

You probably already figured out the theme of this blog. BUDISTYLE, meaning Beautiful Uniqueness & Delightul Ideal, is a blog dedicated to fashion, lifestyle, travel and stories told near a glass of prosecco. Or a bag of chips in my case. 

At the same time, I invite you to stay with me and discover together how fashion can change the life of a person, how fashion responds to the needs of a generation and how we can keep up with this exotic and spectacular animal of style.

Hugs and kisses,

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