Iwasn't it a surprise? No.

It amazed me? Yes.

Where did it take place?

Read the whole story below:

I wear & #8211; Dress: Zara (Similar one here) | Pumps: Mineli Boutique (Similar ones here) | Ring: Naxos Eye Store

He wears & #8211; Shoes: Zara (Similar ones here) | Jeans: Stradivarius Men | Jacket: Zara (Similar one here) | Watch: Asus Zen Watch

The photos were taken by my brother, a month later after the proposal

We Were walking hands in hands on the colorful Streets of Naxos island, from the sunny Greece. I was taking photos with my camera, while Darius, my boyfriend, was looking at the shops. Coincidence or not, only Darius can tell, we arrived at the front of a chic jewelry shop, painted in turquoise and gold. It is easy to spot due to its charming and special look. I heard Darius telling me "Do you want to go in and have a look?". I stared at him; generally speaking, we rarely visit jewelry shops together. Somehow, at that moment, in the corner of my mind, I had an idea. Somehow, I deduced what was going to happen. And suddenly, my heart started beating faster.


The shop that I am talking about is Called Naxos Eye Store. And once you enter this fairytale love, you fall in love irremediably. The fine jewelry, Manufactured with love and dedication, it Catches your attention immediately. The seller, a kind and humble man, with lots of knowledge in what jewelry concerns, have been very helpful to us.

Let's not get lost in the details! In short, I chose the ring. The search didn't last long, because once I saw the ring you can see in the images, I fell in love.

Pure, tender and charming, it had me at the first sight. With my heart beating uncontrollably, I recognize that I WAS very, very excited. However, we had to leave the ring to be resized, due to my little and thin fingers.


We had to come back a day later to take the ring. No sooner said than done. The ring WAS patiently waiting for us, ready to be worn. I would really recommend this jewelry shop if you are in Naxos. The services are fantastic!

We Returned to Aghia Anna beach, Where we stayed During the whole trip. In the bright lights of Jason ship, on the beach, with the waves of the slowly moving sea and the pleasant noise of the Greek people having fun at the restaurants, Darius kneeled and proposed to me.


Of course I accepted immediately! He put the ring on my finger, we kissed and we had an amazing time together, that I will never forget.

On this occasion, I want to thank Darius for being incredible year, caring and sincere partner. Also, I want to thank Naxos Their amazing Eye Store for all services. And last but not least, I want to thank you, my readers, and to my family for supporting me.


Kisses and hugs,

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    SO sweet! Congratulations on your commitment !!

    Happy Monday, babe!
    xoxo, Vanessa

    Adriana Lopes

    Lindos, Lindos, Lindos, you are congratulations.


    Thank you, Adriana! xo


    This is so beautiful dear. Thanks for the lovely read, you two look so cute together!
    Jessica | notjessfashion.com


    Thank you so much for your kind words, Jessica! They mean a lot to me. xo