In the previous blog post of this new series, I told you how a front tie blouse can spice up your office wear. As I was pointing out then, the office wear shouldn’t be boring, it should emphasize your personality (as long as you don’t work in an environment where the office look is mandatory).

Pinafore dress: Zara | Boots : Zara (Similar ones here) | Thights: Calzedonia | Shirt: unknown

Hence, I decided to show you another piece that you can wear at work: the pinafore dress! Yes, I know, we wore it in our childhood and in our teenage years, but why wouldn’t we upgrade it to wear it during our adulthood, too? And, if the pinafore dress has a classy style, like the one I’m wearing today, it should be very convenient to wear it.

Because of its structure, the pinafore dress may be always be mixed with other pieces, creating thus a complete and feminine outfit. You can add a turtleneck, a shirt, a tee shirt or a sweater underneath. Hence it is versatile and it can be worn by rotation, without creating the impression that it has been worn too much.

For today’s outfit, I chose to give it a playful twist. I combined the pinafore dress with a macarons printed shirt and a pair of black thighs to protect myself against cold. Since the pinafore dress was the central piece, I finished the outfit by adding a pair of boots and white bag.

Below, I selected a set of pinafore dresses perfect for work wear. Give them a look and tell me what is your favorite one!

Tweed pinafore dress
Corduroy pinafore dress
Leather pinafore dress
Plaid pinafore dress
Corduroy pinafore dress


Do you have a pinafore dress in your wardrobe?

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