New Must-Have Jeans: the IT models of 2021

New Must-Have Jeans: the IT models of 2021

New Must-Have Jeans: the IT models of 2021

New Must-Have Jeans: the IT models of 2021

The teenagers on Tik Tok decided: skinny jeans are out. And so it started a true CONTROVERSY between two generations: gen Z versus millennials. The generation that can’t stand skinny jeans versus the generation that likes skinny jeans. What do you think? Do you think they are right? Personally, I am somewhere in the middle of this confrontation because I think that each type of silhouette suits a certain style. And yes, it’s worth saying this: some women look amazing in a pair of skinny jeans and some women look fabulous in a pair of mom jeans. You will see me wearing skinny jeans here and there (not as often as in the past), but you will also see me embracing new trends. Balance is the key! And this is how I get to the subject of today's post: the IT jeans of 2021. Are you ready to discover them?

1 / Mom jeans

Reminiscent of the beloved model of the ’90s, mom jeans are here to be in trend all year 2021. It’s the model that I wear in the featured pictures and with which I get along in a great way. With the help of these jeans, it’s easy to recreate the ’90s style, which is so trendy these days. I confess that I wear them everywhere I go - shopping, walking around the neighborhood, or when traveling (no matter how less I traveled in the past few months).

What to pair the mom jeans with: fluffy sweaters, puffy sleeves blouses, the famous shackets (the combination of a jacket and a shirt)

2 / High-Waisted Straight-Leg Jeans

I have to tell you a secret: THIS is the model of jeans that will trend all year long. It will slowly take the place of the famous skinny jeans and will offer this modern silhouette, with the accent on the waist and on the lack of curves. The high waist compliments almost every silhouette out there and it’s so hot right now! Expect to see fewer and fewer low-rise jeans. The straight cut is perfect for creating modern outfits with casual vibes.

What to pair the high-waisted straight-leg jeans with: colorful oversized jackets, with thin and tight sweaters on the body, with pussy bow shirts

Tendințele în modă ale anului 2021 pe care merită să le încerci

3 / Slightly Cropped Flared Jeans

Here I struggled a bit until I managed to find the perfect description of this type of jeans. I think I figured it out in the end - the slightly cropped flared jeans. Returning to the idea of styling, this type of jeans is very nice to have when creating stunning outfits. It's that kind of jeans that I recommend to rather tall women because it does not create the impression of an elongated leg. They are very cool with sports shoes or square toe shoes, so you will surely notice them in trends throughout 2021.

What to pair the slightly cropped flared jeans with: leather jackets and shirts, fluffy sweaters, colorful oversized blazers

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Today's Outfit Details

New Must-Have Jeans: the IT models of 2021

Outfit Details - Jeans: Asos. Shirt: Stradivarius (similar one here). Sweater: Zara (similar one here). Bag: Mango (similar one here). Boots: Mango (similar one here)

What type of jeans do you like the most?

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    Amazing suggestions! Love your outfit!