Top with puff sleeves

Today I want to share with you guys a trend that has evolved quite a lot over the past few weeks, I could even say it's gaining momentum. It's all about the sheer trend, that translucent fabric, that's hot in a sexy way. Get ready to find out how you can incorporate this fabric into your wardrobe and the sheer trend is here to stay:

Girl in blue outfit

A small dose of sheer

There are plenty of reasons why you may not like her. But there is also a smart move you can do to wear this fabric without getting too sexy: wear it in a small proportion. Just like I did in today's outfit. Since you can find sheer only on my shoulders, the impact is somehow minimal. And so, the outfit is on point, and it also has a cute vintage vibe. Sheer insertions spice up any top, skirt or dress, and I would really recommend you to wear them in case you want to wear not a typical day-by-day look.

Pro tip: Choose to wear sheer in a small proportion, just to create a charming and special outfit.

Sheer blouse with ruffles

The medium dose of sheer

When it comes to creating a good outfit, proportions should always be taken into consideration. The same goes for balance. If you are not in the first case and you do like to wear sheer, you need to keep a balance. This is why I would highly recommend you to wear a sheer top underneath a dress or a blazer. In the same way, you could wear a sheer neck blouse on top of a tank.

Credit: pinterest

Pro tip: Keep a balance between sheer and opaque fabrics.

The big dose of sheer

Babes, in this case, you can conquer the world! A fabulous long sheer dress, a special sheer top with puff sleeves, you can name it! Master this trend by adding a pair of hexagonal sunglasses or other geometric shape and you are ready to rock.

Credit: pinterest

Pro tip: Wear sheer just how you like it, but try to add modern elements to keep it on trend.

Blouse with puff sleeves
Blouse with puff sleeves

Top: Zara | Jeans: H&M (similar one here) | Sunglasses: H&M (similar ones here) | Bag: Stradivarius (similar one here)

Do you like wearing sheer?

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