The Very Best of Fall Colorful Boots
The Very Best of Fall Colorful Boots
The Very Best of Fall Colorful Boots

Those who are already following me on Instagram (if you haven't done so yet, I promise you that I deserve a FOLLOW here) already know this outfit, because I couldn’t help but post these colorful instagrammable stairs. They are just perfect for pictures! (+ another 1000 „!”). If you want to get there, type on Google search the Stairs of Happiness Bucharest, and you will find out the exact address of the location. Alrighty then! But this is not the topic I want to tell you about today, but I rather want to talk about the very best of fall colorful boots. Not that I’m saying that black boots aren’t cute, they really are, but this is not the topic of today’s blog post.

1 / Let's talk a little about pastels

This fall is completely different from everything we knew until now. Yes, indeed, black shoes are still trending (especially cowboy and platform boots). But this year’s fall is buzzing with spring colors such as lilac, light blue, or pistachio green. And I couldn’t be more excited than that!

All these pastel shades highlight even the most basic outfit. Also, they emphasize femininity, sensitivity, beauty. My boots in an adorable light blue color caused a stir wherever I wore them! So if you want to break the rules, I recommend you a pair of boots in pastel tones.

The Very Best of Fall Colorful Boots
The Very Best of Fall Colorful Boots

2 / In fall colors

pulovere pentru iarnă

This season, in addition to all the pastels that have taken the fashion world by storm, the rich fall colors are back. Rustic brown, intense cream, modern beige, or velvety cherry are just some of the shades that are trending. Not only does it integrate perfectly with the fall landscape, but these intense and tasty shades perfectly compliment any type of outfit.

3 / Shocking, yet perfect

A third color palette for footwear that stands out this fall is the one given by the shocking shades, perfectly intense and more than brilliant. Such colors are fuchsia pink, aquamarine, lilac, or deep blue. All these shades are designed to highlight the outfit you wear, they are eccentric and yet very attractive.

I've been following this trend since last fall when I got my hands on the fuchsia pink ankle boots above and I don't regret it at all. It's easy for me to wear them even with a pair of jeans and a white shirt!

The Very Best of Fall Colorful Boots

Outfit Details: Skirt: Stradivarius (similar one here) || T-shirt: Girls Power Romania || Boots: Asos (similar ones here) || Bag: Zara (similar one here) || Headband: Zara

What colors of boots are you going to wear this fall?

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    I'm more into browns, blacks and other dark colors for boots, but I must say that your blue ones are cute


    Love the pop of color in all your looks! Have a happy weekend! Lots of love, Miri

    Lisa Autumn

    all of these looks are AMAZING!


    Love these outfits and your boots in the first look are absolutely gorgeous!



    I really do love a colorful bootie! Great looks, babe!



    WANT all thhose handbags you have such great taste !!


    This is such a fun idea to incorporate bright colors into your fall wardrobe! Those blue and pink boots are amazing! Love your liner btw



    Love rustic browns or grays! Really I would wear any color… really depends on the outfit that day.