Sun slightly appeared in Bucharest and here I am again, dreaming of the summer vacation! Hm, I guess, that happens when you’re working in the office and you can hardly wait to escape. Moreover, if you want to book a good flight seat such that the price won’t have a lot of zeroes, this is the proper moment to plan your trip. Enough with the talking, let’s get to the facts! Below you’ll find 5 European destinations for the summer vacation:

1.Cinque Terre, Italy

The landscape from Manarola
Mediterranean Sea, landscape from Riomaggiore

Some of the things that would describe perfectly this Italian dream would include: colorful houses, turquoise sea, pasta al pomodoro and sunny weather. Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso al Mare are the 5 villages that compose the famous Cinque Terre. From tasting delicious focaccia in Vernazza, to walking in Via dell’ Amore which links Riomaggiore to Manarola or to Sun bathing in Monterosso, the activities are diverse and fun. I’ll post more info about Cinque Terre in a future blog post.

2.Prague, Czech Republic


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Also known as “city of a hundred spires”, Prague exceeds the expectations of the tourists. Golden, charming, with an astonishing architecture and a long list of touristic attractions, it doesn’t come as a surprise that is one of the most appreciated European destinations. Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Saint Vitus Cathedral and the Old Town are some of the most remarkable attractions from this city.


3.Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos landscape
Little Venice

Shortly after you arrive for the first time in Mykonos, you will feel like you stepped into another world. In a world where white accents combine with blue hues in a wonderful landscape. Mykonos is a pretty small island, but is cosmopolitan and it has an incredible atmosphere. At the same time, is a perfect destination for the people who like to party. Pro tip: if you visit Mykonos, you must visit Little Venice and the windmills.


4.Barcelona, Spain

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I think that this city doesn’t come as a surprise, it remains one of the most visited towns in the old Europe. Highly influenced by Gaudi’s opera, the cultural life of this city is very rich. Barcelona’s exotic beaches, food, people and fun activities are highly recognized around the world.


5.Hallstatt, Austria

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Mountain lovers, I didn’t forget you! The image of the picturesque Hallstatt seems like a postcard, being amazing by its natural beauty. The colorful houses with flowers on the balcony, the tranquil lake, the elegant swans and the imposing look of the mountains are some of the beautiful attractions of this UNESCO heritage. From riding the boat to climbing the mountains, Hallstatt remains a fine jewelry when it comes to the “travel destinations”.


Have you ever visited some of these destinations?

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