Baby doll style

Baby doll style

Baby doll style

Baby doll style

Let me introduce you to a subject very dear to me: that of the baby doll style. Ever since I was little and I barely understood the things around me, I developed a great passion for Barbie and dolls in general. You might think: of course, all girls have a passion for dolls. But my passion was a little different because I wasn't necessarily interested in Barbie and Ken and their adventures, but rather their clothing style. And the passion was a huge one because my grandparents bought new Barbie magazines every month, where I was fascinated to see what new clothes the famous doll wore. That's why I think it's not hard to imagine - the baby doll style truly suits me. I feel like I'm at home. That being said, I will give you next more details about this style and how it can be adapted to everyday outfits. 

What is the Baby Doll Style?

Baby doll style

This style, you guessed it, is inspired by the dolls' style and inspires cuteness and preciousness. It is mainly represented by ruffled dresses or pussy-bow blouses. Wide collars, colorful laces, waistless dresses (volume dresses), and puffy sleeves are part of this style's repertoire. For example, in my today's outfit, you can notice this style in the velvet bow blouse, in the collar, and in the black headband.

How to Wear the Baby Doll Style

Truth is, at first glance, the baby doll style may seem… a little bit too much. But with a few small adjustments, this style can be integrated into everyday outfits, even if it may not seem to suit your style. Below, I have some styling ideas for baby doll pieces:

1 / Baby Doll Pieces Paired with Office Garments

This is exactly the combination I made for today’s outfit: I added a leather midi skirt, a velvet jacket, ankle boots, and a gray bag to the baby doll blouse.

2 / Baby Doll Dress Paired with Sport Shoes / Combat Boots

Yes, baby doll dresses look great with heels, but they also look great with sneakers or combat boots! Don't you believe me? Follow this link to see some extremely pretty examples.

3 / Casual Baby Doll Pieces

You can wear a baby doll blouse with straight-cut jeans and loafers and you will look great. Or with a denim skirt and gladiator sandals and you will look just as phenomenal.

Outfit Details

Baby doll style

Baby doll style

Outfit Details - Blouse: Zara. Skirt: Poem (similar one here). Blazer: Cotton (similar one here). Boots: Mango. Bag: Mango (similar one here)

What do you think of this style?

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