Recently, I noticed quite a lot of sleeveless jackets in the shops. From sleeveless outwear jackets to the more polished, office ones. And since they are a good replacement for the common blazer, I decided to tell you how to wear a sleeveless jacket in a modern, attractive and sophisticated way. Below, you'll find all the information you need to create such a look.

Sleeveless jacket: Bershka (similar one here) | Boots: Reserved (similar ones here) | Bow: Meli Melo



Depending on the cut, some of these jackets have a strap attached to them that can be tied up. Great news! In this way, you create the illusion of elongated legs and more than that, you build that beautiful hourglass silhouette. It is the ideal combination for those of you who want to look taller (including myself). For today's outfit, I added a pop of color by adding the red turtleneck. And to complete the whole look, I added that adorable embellished plaid bow.


 source: pinterest

Pants are best friends with sleeveless jackets. From capri pants to skinny jeans and even wide leg pants, a sleeveless jacket works great. The possibilities are endless, since you can wear a shirt, a blouse or a sweater under the jacket.


 source: pinterest

Even if it's not the first option that comes into our mind when thinking of a sleeveless jacket, skirts are a great option in this case. Even a bodycon or a slip dress works perfectly. The most successful combinations are when the pieces are not oversized, to keep everything clean and balanced.


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Often, a sleeveless jacket would be associated with office wear, since it comes from a blazer. From here we get the myth that sleeveless jackets are boring and they can only be found in neutral tones. That's a wrong idea! If you love colors, as I do, you can play with them as you would like to.


 source: pinterest

It's a huge trend this season to wear monochrome looks, so do it! Such a combination is powerful, it has a beautiful visual look and it is definitely polished and crisp.


How do you like to wear a sleeveless jacket?

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