Culottes pants: Bershka | Pumps: Zara | Jacket: Koton 

Freshman party – the eternal joy of students! The best way to socialize, to have fun, to see your drunk colleagues outside of college/ faculty.

And of course, it’s the best occasion to dress like a drama queen! Let’s be honest! Which one of you didn’t think at least for once what to wear at a freshman party? Raise your hand on the contrary! (don’t worry, you already think of that, since you started reading this article.)

So, let’s go straight to the subject!


I’m not getting tired of repeating that any outfit should represent you, should be a part of yourself. You will not dress yourself in a Barbie outfit if you love rock, right? Or yes? My suggestion for today is a playful, fresh and disco-inspired outfit. The culottes pants have a retro vibe, while the velvet jacket makes a interesting contrast with the outfit structure. Since I am being petite and I didn’t have any silhouette at all wearing these pieces, I added a pink belt which I gathered around my waist in a fun way. I finished the outfit by adding the retro shoes that I could wear all day long and, of course, my favorite bag with a handle made of pearls. You may agree that is a catchy outfit that is veeeery good for dancing.

OK, OK, but not everyone is the same! What are other outfit suggestions?

source: pinterest
A dress and a jacket/ blazer

In the case that you don’t want to wear pants, a dress is the most handy solution. Choose a playful dress that creates a dynamic effect while moving. Complete the outfit with a jacket or a blazer to protect you against cold and a pair of over the knee boots.

source: pinterest
A jumpsuit

Of course, is the number one choice in the case of a freshman party! Not only that is very easy to work with, but it looks good, is a secure option and, moreover than that, it has a classy vibe full of charm!

source: pinterest
A skirt and a sweater 

Why not? This combination has gained quite a lot of fans over time. And the sequins represent a must have item of this party! A pair of boots and an adorable mini clutch should do the rest of the job.

source: pinterest
A jacket and jeans

But not any kind of jeans and not any kind of jacket! The suggestion from the image seems to me a modern and charming approach to our daily style. A sequin jacket, a pair of jeans with asymetrical cut and a pair of boots will make you the star of the party.

source: pinterest
Little black dress

Bless the little black dress! Saving everyone is no other outfit works. It would not necessarily be my choice at such an event, but I recognize that is a safe option, that works great for any type of silhouette.


What outfit looks the most appealing to you?

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