Girl in black dress
Girl in black dress

The wedding season made a strong debut. During fall, and mostly in September and throughout the middle of October, weddings are at the order of the day. And even if they are considered a pain when it comes to money by a lot of people, it's a joy to share such an event with the dear ones. So, what to wear to a fall wedding? Below you'll find a list with tips and some pieces that I really think would work out for you. 

The holy dress

A dress is the first option that comes to one's mind when thinking of what to wear to a wedding in general. This is why I called it the holy dress. Not only that it creates a beautiful and harmonious silhouette, but it can be found in a large range of colors and models. For example, in today's outfit, I chose to wear a neoprene little black dress. And even if it's rather basic, I changed it completely by adding the right accessories. So I added a vintage statement belt with pearls and golden inserts and my favorite pair of sandals with butterfly wings.

Wedding guest dresses

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If it's not a dress, then it's a jumpsuit

Well yes, it's the second option that comes after a dress. If I were to make a comparison, I'd say that dresses are like salt, and jumpsuits are like pepper. Something like that. Personally, I'm a huge fan of jumpsuits because they are sassy and sophisticated at the same time. For a fall wedding, I would recommend you jumpsuits in dark jewel hues like red, fuchsia, blue or forest green.

Wedding jumpsuits

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Shoes really matter

No kidding. And there are two main categories of shoes that you can wear to a fall wedding: with heels or without heels. If you do not find yourself comfortable while wearing heels, I recommend you bring with you a pair of slingbacks or sparkly flats. They create a polished look without keeling your legs or toes. In case you choose to wear heels, go for a classic pair of leather sandals or nude pumps. Update: platform pumps are out of style. So do yourself a favor and don't wear platform pumps this fall.

Wedding shoes

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Don't forget about accessories!

This season is dedicated to extravagant accessories. I'll write a post about this soon. More precisely, statement belts like the one I'm wearing, big gold earrings or gold necklaces are a must-have this season. Don't forget this simple rule! If you wear a basic outfit, add big, statement accessories as I did. Otherwise, go for minimal accessories, like a fine bracelet or simple earrings. 

Wedding accessories

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Dress: Pull & Bear (similar one here) | Shoes: (similar ones here) | City statement: & #8211; (similar one here)

What other tips do you have for a fall wedding?

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