Where I Shop Online For Clothes
Where I Shop Online For Clothes
Where I Shop Online For Clothes

First of all, I have to admit one thing: that before the pandemic, I didn’t shop much online. I had this habit of walking through the shops, touching the clothes to check their fabric, trying them on before buying them. And then the pandemic came to our lives. Which taught me to accept new habits and other buying methods, more precisely the online ones. And I couldn't be happier! With online shopping, I discovered more nice brands and, implicitly, more nice clothes. So today I thought I would share with you where I shop online for clothes:

1 / ASOS

I think I can say that I became really obsessed with shopping at asos - since March I started placing a substantial order every month on their site. And it's not hard to understand why: they have one of the friendliest clothing sites I know. Even for many of their products you can calculate which size would suit you best. Thus, I never returned any product and ALL the clothes suited my body extraordinarily.

In addition to their own collections, asos collaborates with other famous brands such as Topshop, COLLUSION, River Island, or Reclaimed Vintage. And that means more styles to choose from! So yes, the experience on asos is more than pleasant.

Free delivery to Romania is made for orders over 42 euros (you can see more details here), and the delivery time is not long - in general, it is about 5 working days.

Below, you can see me in some clothes bought online from asos:


My next big passion after asos that fits my personal style is Mango. Plus it inevitably makes me think of one of my favorite fruits. Leaving that aside, Mango clothes have recently acquired a sophisticated, feminine, and very trendy look. Thus, it is impossible for me to access their site and not find at least one item of clothing that I don’t like. Their collections of cardigans, bags, and ankle boots have delighted me, especially in the past few weeks.

Where I Shop Online For Clothes
Where I Shop Online For Clothes

Free delivery is made in the store or for orders over 40 euros (check the delivery options for your country). For those of you who miss the traditional way of shopping, you can check if the product you are interested in can be found in one of the physical stores through the “Availability in-store” option.

Right now as I write the blog post you're reading, I'm waiting for an order from Mango with a pair of ankle boots and a gorgeous bag. Below, you can see me in my favorite cardi from Mango:

3 / ZARA

Well, could there exist a blog post in which I don’t mention Zara at all? Almost impossible! One of my favorite places, for which I have been passionate since I was a student, is Zara. The affordable prices for clothes with a modern and trendy look were an attractive factor at that time. And it still is. And I’m not lying if I say that before the pandemic and implicitly the quarantine, it was the first option when I went to the stores.

Where I Shop Online For Clothes

Again, identifying my personal style among the clothes from Zara, it’s no surprise that I usually place orders on their website. I can't mention a category that attracts me the best on their site, because I usually check almost all of them when I place an order.

Delivery in stores is free, and home delivery is also free for orders over 40 euros (check the delivery options for your country) and usually lasts between 3-5 working days.


When it comes to leather goods and footwear, in addition to the sites already mentioned above, there comes Tezyo. As in the case of asos, Tezyo brings together several famous brands such as Aldo, Salamander, Epica, or Kat Maconie. Offering such a variety of shoes and bags, it is one of the sites I gladly return to every time.

Delivery of over 40 euros at home is free, the return is free and of course, you can book your favorite model on the site and you can buy it in the stores. Such a pleasure!

I recently bought from them this white bag with raffia details that caused a stir on Instagram (I received countless messages through comments or in the inbox related to this bag).

A Close-Up Look on the Prettiest Summer Sandals
Where I Shop Online For Clothes
Where I Shop Online For Clothes

Outfit Details - Top: Zara (similar one here) | Skirt: Asos (similar one here) | Pumps: Zara (similar ones here) | Headband: Zara (similar one here)

Where do you usually shop online for clothes?

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    Elegant Duchess

    Asos is my number 1, there is such a variety of their website! I also love Zara xx
    Elegant Duchess xx

    Natassia Crystal

    Loving all your outfits here !! And definitely the outfit with your pink skirt and yellow stiletto heels !! 😊