The WOW factor. Or, even better, how a detail makes all the difference. It's a great topic to discuss about and, even better, you asked me about this and now I have the opportunity to answer.

Top: H & M | Skirt: Pull & Bear | Sandals: Stradivarius | eyeglasses: H & M


So, let's start! First things first, take an easy example: my outfit from today. What does it have so special?

At first sight, it looks like an outfit made of two pieces: the denim skirt and the green top. By looking at it closer, we notice two special details: the cut of the skirt and the eyeglasses with metallic frame. From this point, we can take our discussion in two directions:

  1. The details that are already in the clothes;
  2. The details that are brought in an outfit.

Speaking about the first type of details, I recognize that these details are the easiest to find. Go to your favorite shops, pass the clothes through your filter and choose something that defines you. Whether it be pearls, sequins, a nice combination of colors or an unusual cut, it is very good to have this type of clothes in your closet.

Speaking about the second type of details, it is good to study in advance what you're going to add to an outfit and also, to take into account the color theory (by the way, let me know if you like to hear more about this topic). Thus, some jewelry, a pair of sunglasses, a belt or a headband may do a great service to your outfit.

The most important step after all these preparations is to add some flavors and savory; more precisely to add a little of your personality to the outfit. Otherwise, what are we talking about?


Until next time, hugs and kisses,

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